We start out our week with the best of intentions to eat a variety of healthy and nutritious foods to keep us feeling energized and fit. But then the ‘to dos’ stack up and you quickly find yourself stressed, starving and short on time and maybe you reach for those tempting unhealthier options.

When it comes to healthy eating, preparation can be an important key to success. Spending some time Sunday night prepping food for the week can keep you on track and take stress out of sticking to your healthy eating intentions.


Here are 9 great ideas to help you keep eating healthy convenient and easy!


Hard-boil some eggs for breakfast, snack, or atop a salad for lunch.

Guard against overeating by portioning your nuts, veggies, fruit or favorite nibbles into plastic baggies or portable jars. Having just enough ready to go for lunch or a snack will keep you from going overboard.

Bake a big dish of our Best.Chicken.Ever Recipe and place them in a covered container to use throughout the week. Reheat and serve with veggies for dinner or slice up a breast and toss in with greens for an easy on the go lunch.

Our Healthy Egg Muffins are great to have for snack, breakfast on the go or as an addition to your lunch!

Raw Crudite: At the beginning of the week slice up carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, jicama, etc and place them in a container in the fridge for easy access when your feeling snacky. This is a great way to avoid going with a less healthy snack just beacuse its more convenient.

Do the same with fruit too! When you come home from the grocery store wash your fruits right away so its even easier to grab that apple or hand full of berries to satisfy your cravings.

Toss together brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and zucchini. Sprinkle with olive oil and fresh herbs, and roast at 400° F until slightly burnt. You can toss them into an omelet in the morning, place them in an airtight container and bring them to work to pair with almonds or cashews for an afternoon snack, or have them ready for a side for dinner.

Soups are great to make ahead, and you can always freeze whatever you have leftover so make a double batch!

Pre-Make this awesome Avocado Salad that can be eaten on its own, topped on a bed of lettuce, eaten with your raw crudite, and/or as a side for dinner