Written Testimonials

Could not be happier with the treatment I have received. The pain in my neck and back are gone!

It started with a pain in my lower back. By the next morning, I could barely get out of bed. It was two days before Christmas and my doctor’s office was closed. I didn’t know what to do, so I thumbed through the yellow pages and found a chiropractor who would see me. I was skeptical about chiropractic, but I was also desperate for relief.

After undergoing treatment for several days, the pain gradually subsided, and I began to feel somewhat normal again. When I questioned the doctor as to why this happened ( I had suffered no apparent trauma), his answer was simply, “you are a couch potato.” When I inquired about the cost of treatment, I was told they would not be able to tell me until after insurance had been filed. Needless to say, I was disturbed by their lack of interest in answering my questions, and since I was feeling better, I discontinued treatment.

Eventually, the pain in my lower back came back and I was also beginning to experience stiffness in my neck with increasing frequency. I knew my boss was seeing a chiropractor, and so I asked her about it. She promptly recommended Dr. Francis. I made an appointment, and from the minute I walked in the door, I felt at ease. Dr. Francis was eager to explain what was wrong and what he could do to help. As a matter of fact, he continues to offer education to his patients on an on-going basis. His enthusiasm for what he does is evident. And not only that, he was able to tell me up front, how much it would cost. No mystery.

I have now been a patient for nearly one year, and could not be happier with the treatment I have received. The pain in my neck and back are gone! My posture has improved and so has my attitude about chiropractic. Dr. Francis and his staff are the best.


My life has changed greatly because of Dr. Francis. In all the years of Chiropractic care, more was accomplished in the three months, then the previous 20+ years.

When I was first married at age 19, I suffered from headaches that lasted several days at a time. Ones where I had to lay on the floor in a dark, quiet room to help them subside. I also experienced lower back pain that migrated to my middle and upper back as time progressed, in conjunction with the neck pain I was already enduring. I began seeking the help of a Chiropractor several years later and have been utilizing their services for over 20 years. Basically, Chiropractic care has been a life style saver for me.

However, after moving to Charlotte, two years ago, I was still experiencing some problems: No more major headaches but my head was hard to hold up straight and felt very heavy most of the time, putting a strain on my neck and back. In addition, I had tingling in my hands and could not find a comfortable position while trying to sleep at night. In the beginning, I was told that there is very little curvature in my neck and that it was causing these problems. However, no one has been able to correct the problem, just provide temporary adjustment.

Dr. Francis was recommended to me and I visited his office earlier this year for a consultation visit. He is the only Doctor that has ever told me he could realign the spine and introduce the curvature back to my neck to make me feel healthy again. This was music to my ears.

My life has changed greatly because of Dr. Francis and my willingness to participate in treatment three times per week, during the initial phase of the treatment plan.

I was surprised and impressed, after three months, to see how much progress had been made, based on my X-Rays and the way I felt. In all the years of Chiropractic care, more was accomplished in the three months, then the previous 20+ years. Because of a specifically tailored plan and Dr. Francis’s motivation to participate and expert skill, I feel like a new person.

I can really feel the difference! I can hold my head up high again, with much less effort. The tingling in my hands has all but diminished and this is only after 8 months of treatment. I have actually started playing softball again and as a pitcher, I’m very active for every play of the game. I also workout at the YMCA and my strength and range of motion continues to improve with each passing week. Another big plus is that I feel much more comfortable traveling by car for extended trips.

The visits to Dr. Francis have been well worth the effort and cost. He and his efficient, courteous staff have always made me feel special. Their care is very genuine and they truly want to see their patients feel healthy again. Thank you!


Your expert care and attention to my individual needs have restored my overall health. . I truly look forward to coming in for my appointments

Dr. Charles Francis & Staff

It’s time to let you know how much I appreciate you and your staff and the expert care I have been given during the duration of my treatment.

When I finally decided to seek out a chiropractic practice I was drawn to your office and now it is abundantly clear to me why I chose you. Even my first visit was comfortable. I described to you my limitations, i.e. headaches, inability to turn my head and lack of sleep due to pain in my neck and back. After examination and x-rays you were most thorough in outlining a treatment plan for my specific needs. My problems were affecting my life in general from a work level to a personal level. I could not focus at work due to pain in my neck and back and could not sleep due to the same. I was limited in my activities and had stopped exercising due to the pain. Your expert care and attention to my individual needs have restored my overall health. I implemented your suggestions at work and have resumed exercising daily. I have experienced only two headaches in eight months. I am much more productive both professionally and personally.

Your staff is one of the most important parts of the healing process for your patients. The ever present smiles and concern make us feel welcome and comfortable. The humor that is generated in your environment is also quite the healing tool. I always laugh while I’m there and am smiling when I leave. I truly look forward to coming in for my appointments just to see everyone and chat. The new office is light filled and enjoyable at the end of my day.

I wish you the best in the future and look forward to my continued treatment!!!


I have been singing the praise of Dr. Francis and chiropractic

If you have never had chiropractic care, YOU NEED TO! There is no better place to do that than at Francis Chiropractic, under the care of Dr. Francis and his terrific staff. Regular chiropractic care is to your spine the same as regular dental care is to your teeth. Cavities can form long before they cause you pain. The same is true of spinal misalignments. As with cavities, these spinal misalignments, brought on by physical trauma such as falls, impacts, and other numerous causes, will typically not go away without intervention.

Dr. Francis and Alisha are highly knowledgeable, professional, and caring. They are committed to giving every patient the highest quality care available. They are genuinely concerned with you and your well-being. They enjoy what they do, work together well, and are a superb team. Their smiling faces are a pleasure.

I have been singing the praise of Dr. Francis and chiropractic care since my husband became a patient some months prior to the start of my own care. My husband has had tremendous reduction in pain and discomfort since beginning chiropractic care. After about five months, Dr. Francis performed x-rays of my spine, which showed a 40% improvement!

Don’t wait until you have significant pain to take action. The longer you wait, the longer the healing and correction process will take…Costing you time money, and unnecessary pain. Just do it!


My posture is better and I am walking taller now!

Hi my name is Beth. A friend of mine recommended Francis Chiropractic. She had been in lots of pain off and on for quite some time. Then I noticed she had lots of energy and was free of pain. I asked her who she went to and she gave me a gift card to come try this new Chiropractic out and I did!!!
They welcomed me with smiles and a warm handshake. I was in so much pain in the sit bone area it was hard to sit without my special seat cushion for long periods of time. Months before I came strangers and friends could see the pain on my face and now that painful look is gone!! Also my posture is better and I am walking taller now!
So if a friend or family member recommends Dr Francis, take them up on it and you will be glad you did!


After just one week of visits, the neck pain was gone and I was able to sleep again.

“Go see a chiropractor.” Those were the words I heard repeatedly from one of my friends. He insisted that something was wrong with my back and that a chiropractor could help. I thought to myself, “A chiropractor? At my age? I’m not even 25 yet!” Then I thought, “Maybe he is just recommending that I see a specialist because I make him give me a neck massage every time I see him!”

Alas, after several sleepless nights the pain in my neck was so intolerable that I decided to ‘shop’ for a doctor. I decided that I would go to a few offices and see how they felt. The last thing that I wanted was an unfriendly staff in a cold, uninviting office. I work in the same complex as Dr. Francis, so, naturally, his office was the first (and last) that I visited.

Upon entering the office, I was immediately greeted by both the doctor and the staff( maybe it was the lost, helpless look on my face!). Then, I was treated to a FREE evaluation. During the evaluation, I was asked to reflect on past experiences to determine what may have led to my severe neck pain. I couldn’t think of any one thing in particular at that moment, but, as time goes by, I can think of a few:

  1. Getting whiplash on both sides of my neck while wakeboarding on Lake Norman- on the same day!
  2. Being involved in a minor car accident a few weeks before my initial visit to see Dr. Francis.
  3. Pretending I was a bull and head-butting a friend in college ( I can hear you all laughing…)
  4. Sleeping with my head propped up too high on new pillows.

I have been seeing Dr. Francis for just over 3 months now. Remember the sleepless nights? After just one week of visits, the neck pain was gone and I was able to sleep again. I am on the road to recovery and am very happy with my decision to begin chiropractic therapy. I am especially happy with my decision to go with Dr. Francis and this team. They are friendly, always willing to listen, and understanding. The only downfall: no more neck massages from my friend!


I had never even thought about going to see a chiropractor. I went to see him and I am so glad that I did.

I have been coming to see Dr. Francis for a little over a year now. I saw him at a booth in the merchandise mart and he did a quick look at me and asked me questions about some problems I had been having in my neck. I was amazed that he could tell there were problems just by looking at me and my answers to his questions. My job sometimes requires me to hold my head down for long periods of time and that is when I noticed the pain in my neck the most. I had been having neck pain but did not realize my problems could be helped by a chiropractor. I had never even thought about going to see a chiropractor. I went to see him and I am so glad that I did. He and Alisha have been very good with me from his adjustments to her helping release the knots in my neck muscles. I can even tilt my head back which is something I was not able to do before. I no longer hold my head to the left and seldom have the pain that was constant for me before.


After just one adjustment the pinched nerve was released and I felt life going to my thigh. Each adjustment brought monumental changes to my entire spine.

After major surgery in 2000, my thigh became numb. Eventually it also burned to the point where I could barely walk or stand. Over the past three years I have tried various treatments with no relief.

In October, 2003, I met Dr. Francis and listened to him explain the Chiropractic Method sthat he uses. It made sense. I always thought the adjustments helped, but they never permanently “held” the vertebra in place. After just one adjustment the pinched nerve was released and I felt life going to my thigh. Each adjustment brought monumental changes to my entire spine. Now all of my aches and pains are being addressed each visit and I am on the road to improved health.

Thank you Dr. Francis for your expertise, skill, knowledge and strength. You are getting me well. In just three months my spine has shown great improvements. Your staff is very competent and professional, making your practice one I can trust and highly recommend.


I saw immediate improvement and I cannot remember when my foot or lower back bothered me last!

Fortunately, I have been healthy all of my life. I have always played a lot of different types of sports. Over the past 28 years, I have played racquetball two to three times per week.

Shortly after retiring at the age of 54 (accountant) I suffered with tremendous pain in my heel and the bottom of my foot. I was also having pain in my lower back.. My activities were limited and it was frustrating since I was looking forward to playing more golf and racquetball. I saw a medical doctor and got no relief.

Once I began treatment with Dr. Francis I saw immediate improvement. In fact, three months have passed and I cannot remember when my foot or lower back bothered me last! Dr. Francis’ adjustments over my first three months have brought about very significant changes to my entire spine. Thank you Dr. Francis!


For nearly ten years, I’ve suffered from severe headaches the headaches have completely disappeared!

To my friends at Francis Chiropractic,

For nearly ten years, I’ve suffered from severe headaches. Four out of seven days were plagued with pain. I often medicated myself with both over the counter concoctions and prescriptions………all of which did very little but mask the problem. The headaches made me moody and agitated. I had very little patience with people because of my lack of focus.

A little over a year ago, I experienced three days of unbearable pain. I recalled that my cousin’s husband (a chiropractor in Las Vegas) had once told me he went to school with a friend who practices in you area. I immediately set up an appointment.

The office atmosphere was different than I expected……very open, warm, caring, and friendly. The staff is very efficient, and it’s obvious that their patients are the priority. They make you feel like family.

After a thorough examination including consultation and x-rays, I understood the cause of my pain, and was given a clear plan of action to relive it.

I’m pleased to say, that in only a few weeks the severity had subsided and the headaches have completely disappeared!

Without the underlying pain and the fog of medication, I’ve got more focus and energy. I also have more flexibility and less stiffness. My quality of life has greatly improved thanks to Dr. Francis and his staff!


( I am a retired R.N.). Having been diagnosed in 1995 with Fibromyalgia

I thank God for sending Dr. Charles Francis my way and using his hands and talents to improve people’s lives, their health and well-being.

Having been diagnosed in 1995 with Fibromyalgia, I have tried a spectrum of conventional medical treatments and alternative methods ( I am a retired R.N.). My daily activities mirrored the ups and downs of Fibromyalgia; some days functioning pretty good and other days just pulling the covers over my head.

In September 2003 my daughter, who lives in California, was getting married in Hawaii! Since I lived in North Carolina, I was facing a 10 hour flight. There had been considerable discussion at that time which suggested that long plane flights contributed to blood clot formation due to being stationary for so long. Not only was I very concerned about this but I had become extremely stiff all over (really unable to put on my socks) and living on a daily pain level between 4-5. Clearly, I was in no shape for this flight.

A dear friend told me about her chiropractor who had helped her so much. So with short notice, Dr. Francis took me as a patient and managed to get one adjustment done before I left. Maybe it was new hope but I wasn’t as anxious and I knew I had a competent and caring doctor waiting to continue my treatment when I returned.

My flights and wedding activities went off without any real problems. I felt that I held up well, no real exhaustion, no intense pain or restricted mobility.

That was six months ago. My neck, which was constantly in pain, is now occasionally sore. The shoulder area and between the shoulder blades- where piercing trigger points are and an area we hold in stress- is now relaxed and rarely painful. The lower back and muscles around the hip and pelvis ( a work in progress) are much improved. Now I’m able to squat, put on stockings, lift 25 lbs. or more and overall much more flexible and have considerable decreased pain. Energy level is greatly improved and I feel I have a new lease on life.

I thank God for sending Dr. Charles Francis my way and using his hands and talents to improve people’s lives, their health and well-being.
Thanks so much Dr. Francis.


I was experiencing migraine headaches every two weeks. I noticed a BIG difference in just a few weeks after seeing Dr. Francis. Thanks Dr. Francis!!!!! You are a God send!

Before seeing Dr. Francis, I was experiencing migraine headaches every two weeks and had visited a neurosurgeon about a pinched nerve at the base of my neck. The headaches had been progressively getting more frequent and more severe for about a year. On a scale of 1 to 10, they usually ranked about an 8. Each time one occurred, I would have to leave work and I would spend the day on the couch popping ibuprofen every two hours and would then spend the next few days “in a fog.” The pinched nerve was a daily nuisance especially since it affected my right arm and I’m right-handed. I was seeing another chiropractor that did not practice CBP (chiropractic biophysics) and he was unable to offer any permanent solutions to alleviate the problems I was having.

My oldest sister was seeing a CBP chiropractor in another state and raved about how much better she felt. After listening to her talk about her continuing improvements for several months, her chiropractor helped me find Dr. Francis. I was a bit skeptical about what more he could do, since I had been seeing other chiropractors for more than 10 years and the neurosurgeon’s “diagnoses” was that it was “unfortunate that I was having this problem, as young as I was, but here was nothing he could do.” I was willing to try anything. The pain made me miserable, having to battle it day after day after day.

I have been seeing Dr. Francis for a little over a year now. The pinched nerve hasn’t been a problem for a quite awhile. I noticed a BIG difference in just a few weeks after seeing Dr. Francis. Both the frequency and severity of the headaches have been significantly reduced. On a scale of 1 to 10, the severity is at most a 5 and the frequency is down to one every three to four months. This is VERY significant in that I can cycle through a migraine and still function through the day with a minimum of pain medication. Other general improvements that I have noticed are a general reduction in everyday headaches and body aches, including a significant improvement in my posture.

Thanks Dr. Francis!!!!! You are a God send!


Dr. Francis, Thank you for everything

Dr. Francis,
Thank you for everything! Chuck and our two sweet girls (Arianna age 1 and Trinity age 2) are having many benefits. I am finally walking tall and straight and feel great each and every day. What a great blessing you have been in our lives and looking forward to many more years with you as your patient and friend.

Thanks again

I was having headaches almost daily, headaches are now a rare occurrence. I can live my life pain free.

Before I began chiropractic care with Dr. Francis, I was having headaches almost daily, and most every weekend. I assumed it was stress, or the weather, or some other factor I couldn’t control. I would go through half of a bottle of Excedrin every month, and I knew at my age, that wasn’t healthy. The headaches really took a toll on the activities we had planned with family and friends.

When I was introduced to Dr. Francis, I was so used to the pain, I didn’t even realize how bad the pain was anymore. But through the one-on-one care I’ve received from Dr. Francis and his staff, headaches are now a rare occurrence. I can live my life pain free, and enjoy the quality time I was missing with my family and friends.

I have learned that chiropractic care is more than back massages and spinal adjustments. It truly is a form of total health care that really works for me.


Having a painless night of sleep.

This is not a testimonial for Chiropractors or accepting any compensation for this statement. This is a testimonial to the quality of service I have received at Dr. Charles Francis’s office. Because of an accident I have been experiencing back pain, joint pain, and excruciating leg pains. At night I have leg pains as if I am experiencing a toothache. Every night before bed I will take pain medication and rub down both legs with arthritis pain medication before retiring. If I get up at night to use the restroom I can hardly walk because of the pain. Even when driving the car I could not turn my head to see over my shoulder. Someone recommended Dr. Francis and I thought well, I will try him. I did not think it would help because of different diagnoses. Some said it may be a result of getting older (60 years of age), arthritis, or bone degeneration. After a month of seeing Dr. Francis, I awakened one morning and realized I had not taken any pain medication. Now I am anxious to see the results of my treatment three months down the road.
Even having a painless night of sleep, I thank Almighty God for leading me to Dr. Francis and his staff.


I am thankful not only for relief from my daily headaches and improved posture, but for the sake of my children’s physical back health as well.

I am a healthy woman in my late forties who was experiencing headaches which occasionally would go into migraines. I contributed them to being peri-menopausal as my mom experienced many migraines going through her change. However, I started to have daily headaches that did not correspond to my menstrual cycle. I noticed neck tension that radiated in to my shoulder blades as well. Needless to say, this wore on my mood, my family, and my work.

Within weeks of seeing Dr. Francis, my headaches diminished from daily to 2 or 3 a week, none going into migraines and no medication needed to deal with them or for relief. Dr. Francis was able to see disc deterioration in my neck from a car accident I had ten years ago that was forcing my neck forward, placing pressure on nerves and arterial blood flow to my head. Presently, I rarely get headaches.

The office staff and Dr. Francis have always been very professional and personable. I trust Dr. Francis’ abilities so much that I had my children evaluated for preventive measures. I am so thankful that I did. My eleven year old had undiagnosed scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine) which he is now treating. My fifteen year old’s posture has been greatly affected from playing video games and being on the computer many hours daily to the pint where his neck is stretched inches forward and to one side. This has impacted not only his posture, but also his judgment when playing sports. He recently started treatment with Dr. Francis that I believe will save him many years of problems in the future.

I am thankful not only for relief from my daily headaches and improved posture, but for the sake of my children’s physical back health as well. Thank you Dr. Francis.


I highly recommend Dr. Francis’s Care to anyone wanting to achieve a quality, healthy life!

To Whom It May Concern:

I have always considered myself a healthy person. I believe in preventative maintenance that includes exercise, trying to eat healthy, and taking vitamin supplements. I always find it amusing that people are so well trained on how to maintain vehicles and other mechanical “things” we accumulate in life; it amazes me why we choose to ignore our own bodies and our health.

My job requires me to travel at least two days a week and when I am not on the road, I am in front of a computer. Last year, I began to experience lower back pain and my shoulders felt like they were in knots with a burning sensation everyday. I would take ibuprofen and soak in a tub of hot water most nights but neither really gave relief. I also had trouble getting a good night’s sleep because of the dull ache in my lower back. I went to a massage therapist every 8 weeks that felt great for a day or two, and then the pain would come back. My massage therapist recommended that I see Dr. Francis, but I was very skeptical. It would have been too easy to convince myself that “it was a part of aging.”

After my first visit with Dr. Francis, I was advised to undergo chiropractic care three days a week for 90 days and then I would be x-rayed again to check my progress. Within two weeks of the recommended visits, I noticed the pain in my lower back disappearing. I was so excited with my progress, I convinced my husband to see Dr. Francis. I started sleeping better at night and had more energy. I also started noticing a difference in my posture that has made me feel more self-confident. Within 5 weeks, I noticed the pain in my posture that has made me feel more self-confident. Within 5 weeks, I noticed the pain in my shoulders occurred only if I had a stressful day. I have almost completed 90 days of chiropractic care and can’t wait to see the next set of x-rays.

I am thrilled that I made the choice to visit Dr. Francis! He and his staff demonstrate professionalism while providing a relaxed and fun atmosphere during each visit.

I highly recommend Dr. Francis’s Care to anyone wanting to achieve a quality, healthy life!


I have regained my energy level and my enjoyment of life once again. Today my body has nearly 100% range of motion and I am living pain free 90% of the time.

When I came to see Dr. Francis in January 2001 I was suffering from many muscles and joint pains, stiffness, headaches, and a great deal of fatigue. Dr. Francis examined me and diagnosed fibromyalgia. This conformed what my primary physician had suspected.
Since beginning treatment, using spinal manipulation and traction to regain the proper alignment of neck and back, and ice compresses to reduce swelling, I have felt much better. The effects of several auto accidents, skiing falls, and the arthritis in my back, compounded by fibromyalgia had gotten my body badly off kilter. There were days I could barely finish basic household tasks, and I was exhausted much of the time. It was nearly impossible to enjoy my two favorite hobbies, gardening and sewing.
Today my body has nearly 100% range of motion and I am living pain free 90% of the time. There is no cure for fibromyalgia, and I do have occasional flare-ups, but with good chiropractic care and my own exercise treatment prescribed by Dr. Francis, I have regained my energy level and my enjoyment of life once again. My husband and I are again enjoying doing projects around our home, and traveling. I can truly say I am enjoying my life again!


I am no longer in pain. In fact, I was in no pain or discomfort whatsoever! My back was back! This has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

My Name is Vincent and I am no longer in pain. Let me give you a brief description of my past. When I was a teenager, I was in a terrible car accident that I walked away from with only minor bruises. I was lucky, as my poor car was nothing more than a smashed tin can. Since that time, I had back pains occasionally and I usually chalked-it up to muscle pains associated with strenuous work activities. Then, one day many years later, I bent down and ruptured a disc in my lower back. I was working as a medical records technician in a major hospital. One would think I would get prompt quality care in the emergency room. In fact, I did not see a doctor for nearly six hours and, when he checked me out, sent me home with a couple bottles of pills, mainly to mask the pain. Well, I was on my back in bed for nearly a month and the pain lessened but never went away. For at least the next two years I just learned to live with that pain. In the meantime, my back was never the same. Any time I did anything that required a little extra effort from my back, I was back in pain for 3 to 5 days.

I resided myself to living with the constant dull ache of the lumbar and the sharp jabbing and stiffness in the middle back. I figured there was nothing short of surgery that would help my back, and I DID NOT want anyone messing around with my spinal column! So surgery was out! But as the months and years passed, my health suffered some. My posture was bad. I ran out of energy by the middle of the afternoon. My left foot hurt such that I could stand still for only about 10 minutes before I had to sit. I wasn’t exercising anymore because I was tired and in discomfort all of the time. I hadn’t turned 30 years old yet, and I began to think that this was normal as we age.

As time passed, I never really gave chiropractic a serious thought. I knew people who thought chiropractors were the greatest thing on earth. I also knew people who thought they were a bunch of quacks and shysters. So I developed a sort of neutral attitude towards chiropractic. Every so often, I thought it may be interesting to see if a chiropractor can do anything for my problems.
Then I saw Dr. Francis in a local mal putting on a chiropractic demonstration. He was actually performing some basic check-ups for free using a big “picture frame” and a set of scales. I figured I would take 5 minutes out of my day to see what he had to offer. He checked me and wife out in a matter of a few minutes each and recommended we come to his office for a FREE evaluation and x-rays. My wife and I agreed that this was possibly worth our time and the price was right, so we set up an appointment.

During the office visit, Dr. Francis and his staff were both courteous and informative. After taking x-rays, it was clear that my back was in worse shape than my wife’s. Dr. Francis went into great detail about how the spine works and what causes the spine to become misaligned and how that can affect other parts of the body. Most of what he spoke about I already knew. What I didn’t know is how to correct these misalignments. He explained his techniques and they seemed perfectly logical to me. His technique is not some “crack your back & rub your neck” routine…which does very little to actually correct problems. His technique is built around retraining the spine to its normal and proper position. He explained that it would take some work on my part and that I would have some muscle soreness from time to time. Everything sounded very good to me, so I signed up for treatment.

That was October of 2002. It is now January 2003. I have been coming to Dr. Francis three times a week. In the first week of treatment I noticed I had a range of motion in my neck I didn’t recall ever having before. After several weeks, my posture was much improved and I did not have the nagging ache in my back anymore. Things were progressing well.

I didn’t realize how well until we had a major ice storm in the area that knocked out practically everything. I work as a field engineer for a cellular telephone company. This means that I have to keep those cell sites on the air…no matter what. During the ice storm, that meant hauling power generators to remote sites, some deep in the woods. That meant I needed a chainsaw to clear the roads. That meant hours of “back-breaking” work. I could not come to Dr. Francis for a whole week, as I was working long, hard hours.

When I finally did come to see him, he asked, “How did you fare through the storm?” That’s when it dawned on me. Through 88 hours of hard work over 5 days, I never thought about my back, not even once. In fact, I was in no pain or discomfort whatsoever! My back was back!

Everyone at Francis Chiropractic has been courteous and helpful. They try to challenge you to work a little harder and do a little more. They want you to understand that the only way to achieve your goal is to work for it. Your body is a marvelous machine that can repair itself if you show it how to do this. Your spine is one of the most vital parts of your body; if it is impaired, then the rest of you is impaired.
If you are reading this to decide whether to spend time, effort, and money on chiropractic treatment, don’t think twice. Dr. Francis’s techniques work to help your body help itself. This has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.


No More Pills…

“I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was taking 15-17 pills a day just to manage the pain. I was having migraines once a week, if not more.
I don’t have the headaches anymore. I am completely off all of my medications and I actually get up in the morning thinking, “Hey, it’s going to be a good day!”
I’ve gone from being not so happy with my life to loving every minute of it. I’m learning to like myself because when you’re in a lot of pain, you don’t like yourself.”


See the Difference…

“I can see with my own eyes that my back and neck are getting better…and that makes it worthwhile.
It makes me part of the process so I can believe in it and get behind it because I see what it’s doing.”


Smell the Roses…

“I thought my health was excellent…and I learned in the process that chiropractic wasn’t all about pain and structural problems, but rather, the vertebrae housing the nerves that go to all parts of the body. So I wasn’t as healthy as I thought I was.

I’ve always has really bad allergies and I literally smelled the roses last spring and it’s an added bonus that I never even thought about. But it’s true that when all the nerves are taken care of, and all the messages are coming down from the brain, through the spinal cord, along the right path, things do work more efficiently and as they should because the body does truly heal itself.”


For All Ages…

“It’s really opened my eyes to what true health is…it’s more about preventative care. It was such an education to come here.

Get your children checked out. Seeing my son’s before and after x-rays brought tears to my eyes – it didn’t even look like the same child!

But I think, in turn, get yourself checked out so you’re more available and a healthier parent for your child too.”


More than Lifestyle…

“I felt like I was stuck in a body that would not work. Mentally, I had so much zest for life, but physically, I was stick in this “thing” that wouldn’t work right. I has a lot of symptoms…and this is coming from a person who eats organically, exercises 3-4 times a week, sleeps 6-8 hours a night. I couldn’t understand why my healthy lifestyle wasn’t getting me anywhere…I was really struggling with depression because I was making so many good choices and I felt like they weren’t going anywhere.

It’s given me my life back. I finally feel like I can used the body that God gave me most efficiently, so, therefore, I have more energy, I feel better, I am there for my daughter. I just feel like life is full…I feel like I have become a complete person.

Everything in life is awesome!”



“I couldn’t sleep in my bed at night. I had to sleep in a big chair in my living room that would prevent me from turning around, that would keep me mobile all night. But after going to Dr. Francis and having treatments, I couldn’t believe it when I could sleep in my bed again.

I’ll be 96 this years. I garden, I do all of my own housework. I do a lot of volunteer work, I play bridge, and I walk a mile with my dog.”



“It’ll (chiropractic) give you a quality of life that will continue as you age. You’re not going to have the aches and pains that you normally have.

It has given me hope for the future and when you have hope, you have a life.

I’m going to do it (chiropractic) forever.”


Another “Medical Miracle”…

“My primary care physician was just treating the symptoms and I wasn’t seeing any results. My blood sugar levels were very high and I had sleep apnea.

Since I’ve been getting adjusted, I don’t have the apnea anymore and my blood sugar levels are much lower after just two weeks!”


A New Way of Living…

“My headaches completely went away. I could drive and stand longer and most of all, I started sleeping through the night.

My anxiety attacks and heart palpitations are gone.

Basically…Abundant Health gave me my life back.”