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It is possible to virtually melt away FAT without strenuous dieting or exercise. This is the best weight loss secret to come along in years – when you’re talking about FAST and EFFECTIVE weight loss.

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Dr. Francis’ mission is to help as many people as possible in the community reach their full health potential. Dr. Francis specializes in natural health and life extension using various evidence-based and holistic methods. Dr. Francis was chosen to be a doctor for the US Team at the 2012 Olympics in London.

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Skepticism and curiosity in how Dr. Francis’s program works is not unusual. Take the time to read the testimonials from Dr. Francis’s patients. Dr. Francis has been changing peoples lives through better nutrition and health. Dr. Francis looks forward to the opportunity to work with you as well.

Weight Loss

This Cutting Edge Weight Loss Program is customized to get results fast and safely with No drugs, No Shots, No Surgery, No Boxed Meals, No Exercise required and NO Gimmicks.

7 Secrets to Losing Up to a Pound Per Day

Dr. Francis’ mission is to help as many people reach their full health potential as possible. He specializes in natural health and life extension using various evidence based and holistic methods.

Dr. Francis is a #1 Best Selling Author on Wellness and had now released his new book “7 Secrets to Losing Up to a Pound Per Day.” Dr. Francis has worked with NFL players, MLS players, and MMA fighters. He was also selected to be one of the team doctors for several of the USA Teams at the 2012 Olympics in London.

The World's Best Kept Health Secret Revealed

Subluxation… what?
It’s pronounced sub-lux-ay-shun. And, it’s the world’s best kept health secret.

When the medical industry started publishing books explaining cholesterol and high blood pressure…millions of people started visiting their doctors to have their cholesterols and blood pressure checked.

Now, people learning about subluxation for the first time…want to know why they haven’t been told sooner — so they could find relief from their sufferings.

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What our clients are saying

SO can I brag for just a second? 60 lbs down since November! I was the epitomy of
skeptical! A pound of fat a day? yeah right! But here I am killing it. These people have their act together and have walked right along with me; sometimes gently nudging from behind. I tell my friend’s this is dieting for dummies; eat a sensible meal-that’s what most plans tell you. These guys actually tell you what a sensible meal is-eat this; don’t eat this. Even this dummy can follow that! I couldn’t have done this without you and look forward to 68 more gone.

— Cathy T., Facebook

I was very skeptical going in to this program, as I have lived my entire life never eating green vegetables and eating an obscene amount of sugar and carbohydrates. The staff took their time with my husband and I, answering all of our questions and concerns. Dr. Francis’ wife, Wendi, spent time encouraging me and assuring that I did have the self discipline and ability to succeed in this program. I am 30 days in, 20 lbs down (my husband is also 20 lbs down), and I am so excited about the lifestyle changes I’ve made. Not only for myself, but setting an example of how to eat healthy for my 2 children. I HIGHLY recommend this program!!

— Kristi W., Google

Thank you SO much to Dr. Francis, his wife Wendi, and their wonderful staff for helping to change mine and my husband’s lives! I have always struggled with my weight, and I did NOT eat veggies! How could I possibly succeed in a program that asked me to give up most all of my “white foods” and incorporate greens?!?! Well…here I am, BMI 24 (down from 30), over 30lbs lost, and an entire new way of life! Change your mindset and the rest will fall into place, this program just makes sense! My children are now asking for apples as a snack instead of candy & drinking water instead of juice!

I’ve been able to eliminate medications, am sleeping better, thinking clearer, and living my life happier! THANK YOU for helping me find my way before the age of 40 so I can live the fullest life possible!!!

I HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone and everyone of all ages!!! It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!

— Kristi W., Yelp

I met Dr Charles Francis at his clinic, I have been trying to lose weight for the past few years. ImI 65 and go up and down with my weight. I went on his program and at 17 days I lost 22lbs I stuck with it and reached my goal of 30lbs at about 27 days and im not talking about water weight or muscle I mean fat cells. My matabolisim is like when I was young. My arthritis inflammation is 100% better. It was the easiest and best program ive ever tried. I have been off the program for about 2 months and keeping the weight off and feeling better than I have in 20 years. If you want a life-changing experience go to the clinic and join you will never be happier. Thank You Dr. Francis and his wonderful staff that make you feel like family every time you go in.

— Joe P., Google

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