Bemer PEMF Therapy in Charlottesville VA?

Many people have never heard of PEMF Therapy in Charlottesville, VA. PEMF (“Pulse Electro-Magnetic Fieldstherapy has been used in Europe for over a decade. Dr. Francis is thrilled to bring this treatment to America. The Bemer PEMF is approved as an FDA class one device, which means it is approved for the use of general health and well-being.

Dr. Francis utilizes the top of the line PEMF machine (MG PRO) for injury repair and pain elimination. This is not a panacea for everything, but it is an excellent adjunct to what we offer here in our office.

Bemer PEMF therapy is one of the only therapies that actually energizes the cell and stimulates healing. Here’s how it works: Every cell in your body is a small, electrical battery that is constantly conducting a current. This current is used for all of the cells daily functions; when the battery is fully “charged” the cell will be able to perform all of its functions appropriately. However, life’s daily stresses, preservatives in our food, and toxins in our environment serve to clog up our “microcirculation.” The microcirculation is the blood that flows in our tiniest capillaries which carry blood to every organ in the body. It is estimated that 75% of the blood vessels in our body are capillaries.

When blood flow is impaired it leads to a lack of oxygen in the capillaries, which leads to oxidative stress, which then begins to impair cell metabolism. Over time, this can lead to an increase in dysfunction of more of the cells, which then leads to dysfunction at an organ level which causes symptoms and disease diagnosis that is visible.

The human body needs energy to absorb nutrients, heal a wound, remove waste, communicate, replicate, etc. Without the right amount of energy, your cells can slow down and this may lead to injury and disease. PEMF Therapy will actually help energize and “charge” the cells so the cells can perform their functions properly. This type of therapy utilizes a direct current (DC) which is equivalent to the one in your body.

Improved Micro Circulation Using BEMER PEMF Therapy In Just 8 Minutes

Dr. Francis offers a free consultation to determine if patients can benefit from this new healing technology. Treatment times and costs vary depending on time and area treated, but it is extremely affordable.
Contraindication(s): organ transplants

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Dr. Charles Francis